The Inca Trail Dried Shrimp – Healthy and savory cured dried seafood snack – Exclusive and Rare Ecuadorian Shrimp – 1.6oz Pack (Original flavor)

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  • Delight all your senses and try our delicious and fresh Ecuadorian dried shrimp jerky snack! This Wholefood shrimp embeds all the natural flavors of top-quality shrimp and simple ingredients, so you can enjoy a delicious salted snack, suitable for all your family.
  • We put together in our package top-quality dry shrimp, raised with care by experienced farmers, and only 2 additional ingredients: natural spices and sea salt. This delicious blend will make you adore our dried shrimp fresh seafood snack, that you won’t be able to last more before wanting another bite of shrimp!
  • We prioritize quality above anything else. That is why we offer you this exquisite whole dried shrimp jerky snack. Ecuadorian raised bulk dried shrimp by skillful farmers, carefully prepared with high-end manufacturing technologies ,uncooked is ready to offer you a premium quality taste and amazing texture.
  • Our delicious dried shrimp was prepared to be enjoyed by everybody. It is a healthy alternative to fatty snacks, as it is protein-rich, has a low amount of carbs and protein, no sugar, no gluten, or preservatives.
  • At The Inca Trail, we take all aspects into consideration, so you can enjoy an amazing whole foods shrimp seafood snack! We use the latest packaging technologies that ensure our shrimp packs can resist every condition. The pack doesn’t allow any moisture, light, or oxygen, maintaining the shrimps fresh and flavorful.

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