Reusable Bamboo Towels by Urban Green,Large size 2 rolls 60 sheets, Ultra Soft Un paper Towels, Strong Smooth Washable, Kitchen towels, Baby Wipes, Burb Cloths, Makeup Remove, Face Wash, Twin Pack,

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  • ✅ULTRA SOFT & SMOOTH FOR SKIN: Made of 100% natural, organic, hypoallergenic and free from chemical dyes. We use ONLY Premium Organic Bamboo fiber; It is softest material that can be used on babies’ sensitive skin without causing irritation. It is the best material to use as baby wipes, burp cloth, facial cleansing & make up removal pad. Bamboo fiber are 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton. Feel the ultra-softness of the bamboo fiber, you’ll love the material instantly.
  • ✅ALL-IN-ONE SPECIAL CLEANING – Our Ultra Soft Bamboo towels can be used for multiple purpose as a kitchen daily cleaning cloths. Due to its unique functions, antibacterial, anti-mite, odor repellent and unique softness and texture, it can easily take care of sophisticated and delicate material maintenance on items such as computer displays, televisions, jewelry, glass, crystal or fine porcelain without leaving any marks or residues. For heavy duty please use Urban Green Heavy Duty Bamboo towels!
  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE: 1. Our product is made of 100% organic natural bamboo fibers and made from sustainable FSC certified bamboo forest. 2, We optimize the best value package and size to our customers compared with other products in the market. Our 1 pack comes in 2 large rolls, each roll has 30 sheets size 10.5 x 11.5in per sheet 3. You won’t find a product in the market like ours that is Ultra soft, gentle and smooth.
  • ✅REUSABLE WASHABLE AND MONEY SAVING: For Ultra Soft Bamboo Reusable Towels, we recommend to handwash the towels in cold water and airdry on the rack because of the super soft bamboo fabric texture, then you can reuse the towels for many times.
  • ✅ECO-FRIENDLY LIFE: If every household in US replaced just one roll of fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100 percent recycled ones, we could save 544,000 trees. It is so easy to do it just buy choosing our Urban Green bamboo reusable towels, live a life Greener and Easier!
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