Reptile Water Fountain Waterfall – Amphibians Drinking Dripper, Water Feeding Dish Bowl, Automatic System Dispenser for Chameleon, Lizard, Snake, Gecko, Turtle,Bearded Dragon Terrarium Tank Accessory

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  • Simulate the Real Ecosystem – Design with living flowing water gathers on the simulated plant leaves, and then water flows which fully stimulates wild flowing water source like waterfall environment habitats, to make your snake, turtle, lizard or amphibian feel in their natural habitat, and the flowing water also raises humidity levels in the terrarium
  • Large Capacity & Water Output Adjustable – This automatic drinking waterfalls dispenser will supply your reptile with 800ml (27.05oz) of running water, can be used for climbing pets 5-7 days of water, makes you get out of the fuss of adding water, with 3 levels for adjusting water flow amount, it can adjust the water drip speed to customize the right amount of water for chameleon’s drinking needs (we suggest you to clean it once a week)
  • Dual Filtration System – The reptile water bowl specially designed with double deep filtration, activated carbon filter cotton and PP checkered board, which helps to provide a clean and soft high quality water, it is prefect worm or water dish for chameleon, lizards, gecko, leopard, hamster, canopy, bearded dragon, snake, corn snake, iguana etc
  • Energy Saving & Quiet – The low wattage water dispenser features a 2.5W/110V DC mini pump, to save you electricity costs. And it is also easy-to-clean. The pump works very quietly, will not disturb the pets’ activity no matter day or night
  • Automatic Circulation – It is an automatic circulation filtering drinking fountain with unique landscaping decoration, continuously providing fresh, clean, aerated drinking water dripper dispenser which simulates a waterfall, to ensure the healthy growth of climbing pets
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