Nail Art : Different types of nail art designs Idea

Everyone likes to have beautiful nails. Women wear nail polish to match the color of their clothes. After wearing nail polish, if you do nail art, it looks more beautiful. Nail art means different types of designs made on nails. In a word, nail art is a part of your style. Many women go to parlors to do nail art but they have to spend a lot on it. But now women no longer need to go to the parlor to do nail art. Now we see different types of nail art on different social sites and it is very easy to do them at home.

Here I will discuss different type of nail arts

You can easily do it at home. So let’s find out about different types of nail art designs.

1. Two Tone Nail Art

This type of nail art also gives the easiest and quite stylish looks to make designs. This type of design can be done with two types of nail polish at home.

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Maroon Nail Polish

Black Nail Polish

Nail Strips

How to do it

  • A maroon and black nail polish, ( nail strips )
  • First, apply maroon nail polish twice as you seen the picture .
  • When dry, apply the ( nail strips ) horizontally.
  • Now slowly apply black nail polish horizontally on the nails. when dry , use water color on nail and ready to Nail Art.

If you don’t want to use nail strips, you can cut the stain horizontally with a pencil and then design with black nail polish.

2. French Manicure Nail Art

This type of nail art is also very easy to do and less labor intensive. French manicure nail art has a little brighter touches on the usual nail color. The upper part of the nail will be white and the lower part will be water colored.

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Nail Remover

Pink Nail Polish

White Nail Polish

How to do it

  • First clean you nail properly using nail remover.
  • Take pink, water color and white color nail polis.
  • use once water color nail polis on nail.
  • when it dry, use pink color on nail twice.
  • Now whichever part of the nail you want to whiten, Apply white nail polish there very slowly. When dry, coat once more with water color nail polish. This will make the nail look brighter. If you want you can use white Nail Sticker
French manicure nail art now uses a variety of colors instead of white. You can use the nail color as you wish.

3. Bridal nail arts

Bridal nail art goes great with the bride’s hands. Glitter touches in nails, It looks great.
You can use glitter of any color or nail polish of any color.

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