Surgical Mask Secret | Blue Part Or White Part ?

Do you know which part you have to use of surgical mask ?

Infectious diseases, which spread in the air, Face masks are quite helpful to get rid of them. This face mask can also play a role in protecting against coronavirus. There are some rules for using a mask.

surgical mask is the best to use, Which is to use one time. These have many layers. However, one layer mask is available in the market, and It is not right to use them.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Surgical masks have two sides. The front is a little light blue And the back is white. White part filter, Which cannot be penetrated germs. Those who are healthy And want to prevent viruses, They will use the mask leaving the white part outside. Because the air will enter the lungs by filtering with the white part. The blue part will be inside the mouth. But most people put the white part in the mouth.

However, when someone has a cold, fever, sneezing, cough or any other illness, Then use the mask leaving the blue part out. This will prevent something harmful from coming out of his mouth And no one else will be easily attacked.

The same mask should not be used for a long time leaving it at home. The rule is to use a mask for a maximum of one day and then destroy it.

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