13+ Best Pencils for Writing and Schoolwork With Customer Review

1. JOLLY X-Big Jumbo Colored Pencils

JOLLY X-Big Jumbo Colored Pencils; Set of 12, Perfect for Special Needs, Art Therapy, Pre-School and Early Learners, Multicolor (3099-0001)

Reviewed By-Nonnie

Great for pre-schoolers

My 3 yr old granddaughters cherishes her new hued pencils. She was getting disappointed attempting to utilize my hued pencils, which are extremely dainty leaded. The energetic tones, delicateness and wide width of the lead make these pencils so natural for little ones to utilize. She can finish a page from a shading book in a sensible measure of time, despite the fact that she tones “gradually and cautiously” as she figures out how to remain inside the lines. The sensation of fast advancement fulfills her – no more disappointment attempting to fill in with dainty, hard lead pencils I got her a shut top “fat” pencil sharpener. The lead is sufficiently delicate, she can hone them herself. Mutual benefit! Definitely worth the cost

2. Ticonderoga Laddie Pencils

Ticonderoga Laddie Pencils, Wood-Cased #2 HB Soft with Eraser, Yellow, 12-Pack (13304), 11/32 inch

Reviewed By- Melanie Hernandez

Perfect for 1st Graders

Ideal for first graders-useful for youngsters who are excessively old for the fat amateur pencils, yet can’t exactly get a sufficient grasp on customary pencils. You will require a pencil sharpener with numerous openings for these, yet the lead doesn’t break effectively so you’ll scarcely have to hone them in any case. They compose well overall and the erasers are acceptable quality. My first grader’s educator cherished my child’s pencils such a lot of that she requested some for the entire class and anticipates mentioning these by name on the following year’s stockpile list. They are estimated than the normal pencil, yet the quality merits each penny. My grandma likewise lean towards these to standard pencils.

3. Amazon Basics Woodcased

Amazon Basics Woodcased #2 Pencils, Pre-sharpened, HB Lead, Box of 30

Reviewed By- Tomi

Great price for a quality, basic pencil

Toward the finish of the school year, I generally purchase a bunch of pencils to recharge my drained stock. (I show seventh and eighth grade English). Last year, I purchased 144 golf pencils for about $8. It was an incredible speculation, on the grounds that a great deal of times, I have children who never remember a pencil. They aren’t the ones who essentially need a pencil, in light of the fact that as a rule, they would lose the pencil again before they committed an error. In any case, regardless of having 144 of them, I ran out in late April, with around two months actually left in the school year. I will purchase one more pack of those golf pencils for the understudies who ceaselessly get a pencil, yet I immediately discovered that sometimes, I had an understudy who truly required a pencil, however wasn’t somebody who made a propensity for carrying nothing to class. Similarly, these were understudies were the ones who didn’t require it for a couple of periods, yet genuinely required another pencil for them to save for quite a long time. Sadly, I didn’t have any “genuine” pencils, and when I saw these AmazonBasic pencils at a bargain (96 for about $6 – consistently they’re under $8), I realized I required these too.

4. Pencil Grips

Pencil Grips, ANERZA Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting, Writing Aid Grip for Preschoolers, Silicone Ergonomic Writing Tool, School and Homeschool kindergarten Supplies for Toddlers (6pcs)

Reviewed By- Jennifer Hinson

Perfect for my Kindergarten kiddo!

Because of the pandemic, I discovered myself self-teaching a kindergartener since i wasn’t sure how he could learn through a virtual study hall like his more seasoned kin (since Kindergarten is more hands on learning). Perhaps the greatest deterrent we happened upon was the manner in which he held his pencil, at this point I was unable to sort out for the existence of me how to “show” or show him the right method to hold it. That is the point at which I found these…. It took a little becoming accustomed to for the two of us, however it took him 2-3 days of utilizing one of these to not require it any longer while as yet keeping up with the right pencil holding method. Notwithstanding, he requests one of these from time to time bc he said it’s more comfortable to compose with this on the pencil than without (it goes about as a pad of sorts too).

5. iBayam Journal Planner Pens

iBayam Journal Planner Pens Colored Pens Fine Point Markers Fine Tip Drawing Pens Porous Fineliner Pen for Bullet Journaling Writing Note Taking Calendar Coloring Art Office School Supplies, 18 Colors


These are really great

These truly don’t drain/show too seriously through school controlled or lined paper (or the normal printed paper as displayed in my photos) that I don’t compose on the two sides of the pages and I LOVE them for school work. Have made my life such a great deal simpler and prettier! They float a lot simpler than standard pens. I likewise love that they appear to never dry out notwithstanding the way that I’ve been utilizing them no less than about fourteen days now and have left the most utilized dark marker open for a considerable length of time periods as of now, returning to in any case discover a lot of ink and no adjustment of the composing capacity.


TICONDEROGA Pencils, Wood-Cased, Unsharpened, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)

Reviewed By- PM

I can be pretty picky about my pencils

I can be quite critical with regards to my pencils. The issue with Dixon Ticonderogas is that they are made in China and Mexico and on Amazon no one can tell what you will get. To convolute things to some degree, I’ve seen incense-cedar wood utilized in both China and Mexico variants of a similar pencil, just as lesser quality non-sweet-smelling basswood or other lower grade wood material that isn’t promptly recognizable. Likewise, Ticonderogas over the long haul have changed their bundling designs and they will at this point don’t determine wood type on the case, any longer. They presently utilize a nonexclusive expression “Premium Wood/Bois de la meilleure/Madera de primera calidad” which gives definitely no sign if the wood is cedar or not.

7. Children Kindergarten Pencils

Lyra Ferby Short Tri grip Triangular Children Kindergarten Pencils, School supplies Beginner grip writing pencil for kids, Triangle Pencils, 6 Pencils

Reviewed By- Patrick S Cantey III

great pencil for all ages

I purchased these for my 2 year old child to jot on paper and to utilize myself for family projects. The enormous measurement lead is more strong than typical size wood pencils, holding up well in unpleasant use (counting my child beating on the paper as he ‘draws’. Definitely, they are somewhat costly, however essentially they are acceptable quality. I utilize the “Faber-Castell Grip.

8. Triangular Mechanical Pencil Set

Paper Mate Handwriting Triangular Mechanical Pencil Set with Lead & Eraser Refills, 1.3 mm | Pencils for Kids in Fun Barrel Colors, 5 Count

Reviewed By- Mrs.Nesbit

Great for adults too

I have slight quakes and it’s undeniably challenging to utilize mechanical pencils w/out breaking the lead continually. I need to push down more earnestly than ordinary when I write to ensure it’s clear bc of the quakes. I’ve never seen a mechanical pencil higher than 0.9 so when I saw these were heavier I gotten them and they’re ideal for me. I realize they should be outfitted more towards more youthful youngsters yet in the event that you know somebody who has tactile issues (which I do, so that is another explanation I love them) or somebody who is getting more seasoned or somebody who has joint inflammation and such countless different reasons you should stop and mull over everything or @ least don’t preclude them.

9. Ticonderoga Neon Pencils

Ticonderoga Neon Pencils, #2 Pre-Sharpened Wood Pencils with Erasers, 18-Count, 13018

Reviewed By- Mollie

Very happy

I truly like these pencils. Its my first time attempting this brand, and they have all that I like to find in an extraordinary wood pencil. They compose and draw smooth, simple to hold and simple to see, hone pretty equitably and speedy and the eraser works awesome. Worth each penny. I do suggest these and will buy more

10. TICONDEROGA My First Pencils

TICONDEROGA My First Pencils, Wood-Cased #2 HB Soft, Pre-Sharpened with Eraser, Includes Bonus Sharpener, Yellow, 4-Pack (33309)

Reviewed By- Lem S.

Great Pencils for Young Writers

These pencils were on my child’s Kindergarten supply list, and were an incredible purchase. I purchased one more set for us to use at home as well. I purchased here on the grounds that I appreciate that the pack accompanied a sharpener. That is my main issue with these pencils, is that on the off chance that you don’t get a sharpener with them, you will not have the option to fit them in a standard sharpener as they are too enormous. My child’s homeroom has a programmed sharpener with a movable opening, and that is the means by which they hone them at school. Around here at home, I utilize the handheld sharpener remembered for the pack, and it functions admirably. The erasers on the pencils are acceptable as well. They are not very hard or delicate, and eradicate really well.

11. Arteza HB Pencils

Arteza HB Pencils #2, Pack of 48, Wood-Cased Graphite Pencils in Bulk, Pre-Sharpened, with Latex-Free Erasers, Office & School Supplies for Exams and Classrooms

Reviewed By- billflag

PERFECT for construction and carpentry work

You would feel that all pencils are basically something similar, yet they aren’t. I needed a pencil that was adequately tough to use for development, yet the leads have unreasonably delicate and weak on each pencil I’ve tried…until I found these. The graphite is exceptionally hard and keeps an extremely sharp edge even in hard material. This is the ideal pencil for development, even obviously better than the conventional rectangular outlining pencils. You can leave extremely exact imprints for accuracy cuts. I scribed 13-10″ areas of ABS pipe with 1-10″ imprint and 2-6″ Mark’s. Since the line was dark, I needed to press hard and make a few passes each. The image shows the pencil tip after the work and I never needed to hone the tip. Marvelous. I think one about these pencils will outlive at least twelve if some other sort.

12. Smooth Mechanical Pencil

BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil, Medium Point (0.7 mm), 40-Count , Black

Reviewed By- MarieJones


I was content with this item. Didn’t come harmed or anything and it came early. I was somewhat glad since I’m continually losing my mechanicals or they get taken, isn’t government funded school amazing😂 yet I have a profound love for mechanicals and this definite comes helpful during the start of the school year. Will arrange again when school begins for the fall.

13. Ticonderoga Pencils

Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Black, 24-Pack (13926)

Reviewed By- Mia

Sharpens well. Sturdy. Writes okay!

In this way, I am not even close to a pencil egotist however I like my pencils dull and with a little coarseness and durable. These Ticonderoga Black pencils are somewhat abrasive, solid, yet composes excessively light for me. I envisioned different pencils I have so you can perceive what I mean. The top is the Ticonderoga at .23/pencil. The second is some modest 15 penny Walmart pencil, and the latter Is Staetdler at .25/pencil. While these are the most noticeably terrible out of my pencils, it’ll be an OK ordinary pencil for my work area and on the off chance that anybody in my family needs one as well. I trust this makes a difference!

14. Sharp Automatic Pencil

Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil- 0.7mm Lead Size- Blue Barrel- Box of 12 (P207C)

Reviewed By-Jazz Junkie Joe

Great Pencil … 6 or 7 Stars

This is an incredibly very much built pencil that I’ve utilized for 10 years and just purchased two more for my significant other (one to “lose” and one to “have”). it is not difficult to work, and is assembled like a fort … simple to show or conceal the lead, has an eraser in the top end, a clasp for you nerds with pocket defenders, and is only an awesome item inherent Japan, not China. It holds the lead tight and doesn’t allow the lead to slide/turn which empowers one to pivot the pencil marginally in one’s grasp to get a sharp, fresh edge for those minuscule characters.

15. Mechanical Pencil Variety Pack

BIC Mechanical Pencil Variety Pack, Assorted Sizes, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 60-Count, Refillable Design for Long-Lasting Use

Reviewed By-Kathleen

Excellent variety pack

I truly like this assortment pack, as it allows me to pick precisely the pencil I need for the main job. The thicker leads function admirably for kids who tend to push down too immovably and break fine point lead. It causes considerably less dissatisfaction for more youthful youngsters attempting to get the hang of composing their letters. (What’s more, no compelling reason to stress over consistent honing!) I think that it is exceptionally helpful to have each of the three thicknesses of lead in one bundle.

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