10 Trending Naked Running Belt

No 1 – FlipBelt – USA Original Patent, USA Designed, USA Shipped, USA Warranty

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle; that’s certain.
These days, however, even the healthiest people are weighed down
—and not by those few extra pounds you’re trying to lose or those growing muscles, but by all the things they ‘must’ have with them: keys, phones, wallets, credit cards, ID cards, headphones. Most people use a variety of accessories while exercising in order to keep their stuff safe, not to mention secure. The armband and fanny pack used to be the standard. Not anymore. Why choose the FlipBelt?

  • Extremely comfortable and versatile
  • Phones are getting too large for Armbands
  • No fasterners for a chafe free experience
  • Bounce free and will not ride up
  • Used for travel and hidden money belt
  • Insulin pump, inhalers, EpiPens, and pills
  • Fashionable! Fanny packs are not!

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No 2 – sport2people Running Pouch Belt, USA Patented, Runner Waist Pack iPhone X 8 11 12 Pro for Men and Women (Black)

We understand your needs, that`s why we`ll provide only the best products that will permit greater safety, control, effectiveness, and enjoyment. You are an inspiration to us to develop the best sports accessories to provide you with careless sports activities. By using them you can fully dedicate to those special, unforgettable moments without unnecessary distractions.

Our products are suitable for everyone in your family, from kids to grandparents, from beginners to advanced users (professionals) and are always backed-up by a rock-solid and quick-response in-house service team. We do our best to motivate and educate you to be healthy, fit and achieve personal development. We love every minute of it. We are completely confident in our products and believe you will benefit greatly from them.



The Belt was designed for dedicated runners. For you. 2 expendable and durable pockets are roomy enough for storing all your necessities. Made of water-resistant material. Designed with a special earphone hole, 3 reflective darts for extra protection.


Travel safer, easier and more comfortable. Store your passport in the belt, put it around your waist, cover with shirt or jacket and you’re ready to go. Always have your valuables at the fingertips. Also perfect for storing your essentials during large crowd events, sports or water-related activities etc.


Keep your phone close during your favorite workout. Special earphone hole will provide an energetic workout experience. Safely store your phone and fitness card – our material is sweat resistant.


Enjoy your afternoon activities hands-free no matter what you do or where you are. Go shopping, on a stroll or just spend precious moments with your family and always have your valuables safely stored.


  • Gym and Fitness
  • Other activities like walks, jogging, everyday errands
  • Playing with kids
  • Shopping
  • Travelling – pack your passport and money into the belt: have your belongings safely out of sight and always ready at hand.
  • Concerts

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